Aeria Games Ap generator

Aeria Games Ap generator is the latest creation from h4ck3rs crew which made a lot of tools for online games.The AP (Aeria Points) are the virtual currency,the virtual points in Aeria Games which can be used to buy any items from items mall for all Aeria games and make the gameplay more intense.

As you probably know is hard to get AP free, we have to earn or buy.Earn is a waste of time because you will earn small amount in a lot of hours.To buy is the same hard because the AP is expensive and not everyone have money to buy them.But with Aeria Games Ap generator you will be able to generate unlimited AP for free and send them in your account.As you probably already saw in my tutorial i generated 3240 AP and i sent them in my account.

Aeria Games Ap generator is undetectedable because is using encrypted connections to connect to Aeria games database from
where will extract the AP and send in safe mode to your account.The transaction will appear like how you received a bonus from sponsorship.You will be able to use the AP in all Aeria games to get any items in all games.

How to use Aeria Games AP generator :

Aeria Games AP Generator

After download all you have to do is to extract the zip archive with programs like 7 zip or winrar and open the Aeria Games AP generator.Click connect button and wait to be connected(be sure to have your internet connected).When you are connected click the enter button and another window will appear with the options to use how many AP you wanna generate in your account.

Aeria Games AP Generator

Choose the amount and click confirm button.You will be redirected to another window where you have to complete you username/email where you wanna send the AP.After that click send AP button and wait for process to be completed and click the exit button.After few minutes the AP should arrive in your account.

Aeria Games AP Generator

Aeria Games AP Generator Video Tutorial :


Download the Aeria AP Generator
Aeria Games AP Generator
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