Perfect World Zen Generator

is the last creation from the crack world one of the best crackers from internet.With their knowledge about programming, coding, hacking and cracking, few weeks ago made this amazing perfect world zen generator which is able to generate unlimited zen for perfect world games.

This generator was shared in private torrents where i had VIP access so that’s way how i could download and share here with you guys.

I know how hard is to spend money every week for zen points because i’m addicted of neverwinter game from perfect world and i spent there a lot of money.After weeks of searching and asking on forums i found this perfect world zen generator which is working like a charm for all perfect world games.

As you saw probably in video in few minutes i generated 5000 zen points in my account.But be careful do not generate more that 5000 per week because you will be suspicious and probably in short period banned.I created 5000 zen per week and i didn’t had problems.

How it works :

One you downloaded the generator use winrar or 7zip to extract archive.After that open the perfect world zen generator and log in with your perfect world account details to database.(be sure to have your internet connected).
Choose how much Zen you want to charge in your account, click to hack zen button and wait for process to be complete.After this step click the charge zen now button and wait a while for your zen charging process.

Perfect World Zen Generator Video Tutorial :

Virus Scan Report : CLICK HERE

When everything is done click exit button and log in into account and wait few minutes for your zen to arrive in your wallet.That’s all.Be sure to follow all this steps above to don’t have problems.

Perfect world zen generator will be downloaded only be real humans and by perfect world gamers! So in order to get the download you have to click to the download button and to complete one survey or offer.This is our verification process to stop the download abuse and to keep it free.

Download The Perfect World Zen Generator
Perfect World Zen Generator

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