SWTOR Cartel Coins Generator

is the last creation of anonymous hackers crew.This generator allows you to add unlimited cartel coins to your account.Anonymous hackers crew found a leak in the swtor database game and made this hack tool which is able to add cartel coins to your account in one undetectable mode.

How to use SWTOR cartel coins generator :

After download all you have to do is to connect the cartel coins generator to the swtor database game.When you are connected click the enter button.

Swtor Cartel Coins Generator

You will be redirected to another window where you need to choose how many cartel coins you wanna send in your account.Choose the amount and click the confirm button.

Swtor Cartel Coins Generator

Wait for process to be completed and you will be redirected again to another window from where you will send the cartel coins to your account.Complete the box with your swtor user name and click the send cartel coins button.Wait for process to be completed and close the cartel coins generator.That’s it!

Swtor Cartel Coins Generator

The cartel coins should arrive in your account in few minutes.This process depends in how many transactions was made before your transaction.

Virus Scan Report : Click Here (The swtor cartel coins generator was scanned with over 40 anti-virus programs and is clean!)

Swtor Cartel Coins Generator Video Tutorial:

Download SWTOR cartel coins generator

SWTOR Cartel Coins Generator

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