Woozworld Wooz Hack

help us to get WOOZ for free in our accounts.Few weeks ago was a leak in the Woozworld database game and the anonymous team made this Woozworld Wooz Hack which is using encrypted connections to connect to Woozorld database game, to extract wooz in safe mode and to send them in our accounts.

Because of encrypted connections this hack is impossible to be detected.So your account will not have any problems.The wooz generated in your account will be considered earned from completing offers from the earn wooz section.

Woozworld Wooz Hack is free to use, we don’t ask people for money in change of it.Anyway few options are restricted, you are able to get wooz only once per week.With Woozworld Wooz Hack you can get over 400 WOOZ for free every week.

How to use woozworld wooz hack :

After download all you have to do is to connect the woozworld wooz hack to the Woozworld database.

WoozWorld WOOZ Hack 300x159 Woozworld Wooz Hack 2013   GET Free WOOZ

Once you are conneted you will be redirected to another window from where you have to choose how many wooz you wanna charge in your account.Choose the amount and click confirm button.

WoozWorld WOOZ Hack1 288x300 Woozworld Wooz Hack 2013   GET Free WOOZ

You will be redirected to another window where you have to complete your Woozworld email address to send the wooz.Click the send wooz button and wait for process to be completed and close the hack.That’s it, the wooz should arrive in your account after 15-20 minutes, everything depends in how many transaction was made before your transaction.

woozworld wooz generator1 300x171 Woozworld Wooz Hack 2013   GET Free WOOZ

Woozworld Wooz Hack video tutorial :

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